Dental Fillings

We all love a sweet treat. But, unfortunately, they don’t come without a price.

Teeth are often covered with a very thin layer of bugs, called dental plaque. These bugs take the sugary things we eat and use them to decay our teeth. This is the cause of most ‘toothaches’ we get. 

Left unchecked, this decay progresses until a hole develops in your tooth. These holes may be clearly visible to the naked eye, or may need to be visualised with an x-ray. But without any treatment, they can progress deep in your tooth and cause a whole pile of problems—pain, infections etc.

A dental filling is just that…a filling in your tooth. The aim is fill the hole in your tooth created by the bugs. A bit of freezing solution is administered to make it pain free, the decay is removed by the dentist, and the remaining hole is filled with a material that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Ever see folks with silver in their teeth? That’s an old-school filling material known as amalgam. Safety concerns aside (most stemming from the fact that amalgam contains some mercury—although most concerns are not backed up by research), silver fillings require a larger amount of natural tooth substance to be removed when the decay is removed, and they (frankly) don’t look as nice as white ones.

For the above, and several other, reasons, we use only tooth-coloured materials for dental fillings. Most white fillings are made of composite resin. It is a soft, putty-like material that hardens when exposed to blue light. It adheres to your tooth and allows the dentist to fill your tooth so that it looks and feels like new. 

Our dentists will advise you on the need for any dental fillings.

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Dr. Paul Moussa

Dr. Paul Moussa

Owner and Dentist

Dr. Paul Moussa is the owner and principal dentist at Metro East Dental Center. He has over 35 years of experience in the dental field and provides all types of dental treatment, from simple fillings and cleaning to implants, invisalign, and dental surgery.

Dr. Tina Fadakar

Dr. Tina Fadakar


Dr. Tina Fadakar is an associate dentist with over 20 years of experience. She is compassionate, thorough, and capable, with a particular talent in treating children and educating on good dental habits.

Dr. Joe Hanna

Dr. Joe Hanna


Dr. Joe Hanna is an associate dentist with over 20 years of experience. He provides all general dental procedures and has a special interest in dental surgery. He is also certified to provide Invisalign.

Ms. Ann Moussa

Ms. Ann Moussa


Ms. Ann Moussa is our on-site denturist. She handles all types of denture work, including partial and complete denture procedures, denture repairs, and all other denture maintenance.